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Automatic Exposure Pinhole Cameras ... but Why?


By Rudolph Crane

The idea of using exposure automation in Pinhole photography is not new.   

There are plenty of examples out there on the web.  Back in early 2000’s I came across a contraption designed and custom made by Australian John Fletcher.  I had to have it – and purchased his Integrating Light Meter.  Fletcher’s system had 3 parts: 1) the light meter; 2) an electronic shutter controller; and an electronic shutter from Milles Griot or an old Ilex Electronic Shutter.  It worked well, and made wonderful images with it.  

After years of use, the system malfunctioned and was not able to get it repaired.  

The bug to fix it got transformed into a desire to make one after an inspiring visit to the San Francisco Maker Faire.  Technology was accessible enough to build it from scratch.  There was plenty of talent to form a team and just do it – build it.  Arduinos, laser cutters, 3D printing were all readily available to make it happen.  

Most importantly, there is a lot of talent to work with – from all over the world.  And the journey began.

 This project is the brain child of a serial tinkerer. By day I work in the corporate world in the realm of science and technology.  Most of my work involves creating new things, testing new technologies, making things better.  Family is very important, and whatever time is left after Family and work, I dedicate to several passions.  They all converge on the same focal point: the creative process.

 I love collaboration and what comes out of the synergistic brew that comes out of the interaction; setting up clear goals that a team can understand; the intermingling of minds that forge awesome ideas;  the excitement and pleasure of making something totally new, innovate and functional.  

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