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There has been quite a bit of interest from well known Pinhole Photographers from around the world who have requested to test the system.  The 6×12 AE PinShot Panoramic prototype started it’s journey around the world on January of 2014.  Souhade Guermache (France) Pinholistically Yours was the first person that wanted to test the prototype system.  Souhade’s request started an amazing chain reaction.  After Souhade, the camera was shipped to Jesus Joglar (Barcelona) Light Through a Hole.  Jesus sent the camera to Schyter (Italy) ;/) pinhole by schyter.  At the moment the camera is with Alex Yates (England).

Below you can explore some of the images and comments from these photographers.

Very special thanks to all of you that have taken the time to test the system – in a prototype stage.  All your comments and suggestions are well appreciated and have provided valuable insight on making the cameras better.

Souhade Guermache (France)

[Pinholistically Yours!]

Pinholistically yours

Jesus Joglar (Barcelona)



Jesus Joglar

Souhade Guermanche

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