Filters with B&W Paper Negatives

Shooting with RC Variable Contrast paper negatives is challenging, specially when you have a high contrast setting.
Here is an example, where you have a highly reflective white surface (license plate) covering a good portion of the image area.
As you can imagine, the exposure is tricky, and the possibilities of obtaining a usable smooth tone paper negative are unlikely at best.
But you can use filters to modify the light that enters through the Pinhole – and get a smooth tone image. ┬áSee the examples below.
Image #1: Straight shot – no exposure compensation
Image #2: Used a Green Filter (-2) – no exposure compensation to the PinShot camera.

2013-09-15 1stPinshot5x7Paper 001a - DT.jpg2013-10-06 Pinshot5x7-2 005 DT m.jpg

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