Dark Background – Exposure Adjustment Example

This is a great example of a difficult lighting situation for any camera – specially if you are doing pinhole photography.
The Background is very dark.  The subject is 3 antique glass bottles of different colors – dark amber, white, and translucent.

Image 1: No Adjustment – Washed image – PinShot Exposure system targets 18% Gray
Image 2: -1 EV – Starts to get better, but there are no shadow details with blown highlights
Image 3: -2 EV – Great detail on the white and translucent bottles.  This is my preferred exposure.
Image 4: -3 EV – Overcompensated exposure, too dark.

Paper Negatives – Oriental RC Multigrade – Preflashed 10w Bulb 2 meters 2 sec.

2013-11-11 Pinshot5x7Bracket DARK 001 DT.jpg2013-11-11 Pinshot5x7Bracket DARK 002 DT.jpg2013-11-11 Pinshot5x7Bracket DARK 003 DT.jpg2013-11-11 Pinshot5x7Bracket DARK 004.jpg

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